The best commercial property managers earn – and maintain – their reputations by providing spaces that suit the needs of their clients. They listen to the needs of their tenants, and surround themselves with professionals who provide essential services that businesses need to operate without interruption, especially the service from a reliable commercial electrical contractor!


Providing You With Exceptional Customer Service

Property managers have many choices to get electrical jobs done, but the field narrows when reviewing customer service and satisfaction. At Shockley Electric, we focus not only on getting the job done right, but also on providing exceptional customer service to our commercial clients, every time.

What is “Exceptional Customer Service”?

While most professionals strive to meet the needs of their customers, “exceptional” customer service goes beyond what is expected. In effect, an exceptional experience raises the bar for any other contractor with whom that property manager will do business in the future.

  • An acceptable customer service experience is one in which the necessary work is performed in a timely manner, as unobtrusively as possible. An acceptable electrician may get a call back, but may not garner a rave review (and often won’t request one).
  • In contrast, an exceptional experience is one in which the electrician has a dialogue with the property manager and/or tenant before the service call in order to specifically identify the problem and be prepared with the proper solutions. He performs the required work, identifies and suggests solutions for potential problems that may arise down the road, and checks back afterward to ensure the client is completely satisfied with the service.


The Commercial Electrical Contractor You Can Trust

Call Shockley - the commercial electrical contractor you can trust in Marietta GA.At Shockley Electric, we meet – and exceed – the expectations of our commercial property clients. And with our Lifetime Service Warranty, you can rest assured that we’ll be there when you need us, and get the job done right the first time, every time! Call (770) 630-6858 today and see what a Shockley technician can do for your commercial service projects in Marietta and Cobb County.


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