Let’s say you need new brake pads and rotors installed on your car. You can either go to a licensed auto shop, which costs around $300 – $400, or you can call the handyman you found on craigslist for $200.

I think it’s safe to say most would use the shop. Besides, these are your brakes you’re talking about! So why then would you take the same risk on the electrical wiring of your home or business?

Look, no one likes spending money, especially if they believe they can receive the same product or service at a cheaper rate. And while you might, occasionally, get lucky, more often than not, you get what you pay for.

Especially when it comes to electrical maintenance.

Licensed electricians cost more than an “on the side” handyman/electrician, and it’s not always clear why. Well, like in car repair, getting full coverage in the case of an accident, can sometimes hinge on recent repairs being made by a licensed technician.

For instance, if your brakes failed, and the repair was done by a craigslist John Doe, insurance might claim the accident as an act of negligence, and not faulty equipment. Same can be said for anything in your home or business. Likewise, if your property were to fall victim to an electrical fire, and the wiring was done by an amateur, liability may fall to you!

Not only does licensed electrical work keep the value of your property up, but it also keeps you safer. Licensed professionals must follow strict rules in order to keep their licenses. The many of these rules require both the inspection, and installation of safety measures, on any job performed. Something as simple as a 15 volt fuse will running a 10 volt circuit can easily be overlooks, meaning any device down the line is at risk of being blown out.

Most importantly, licensed professionals protect you from personal injury lawsuits. By allowing an unlicensed person to work on your home, you essentially waive all legal protection in the case of an accident. Thus, if John Doe gets hurt on the job, you may be liable for any and all medical costs, or even sued for having unsafe work/living environment.

We know it’s be easy to think about repairs in the short term, and opting for the cheapest alternative, but it’s a risky bet in the long run! So if you need electrical help for your home or business, don’t leave it to chance, and call a licensed professional.

At Shockley, our whole crew is insured and required to maintain all licenses and certifications required for their work.