If your last electrical inspection for your commercial property or residential complex was any more than 5 years ago, then it’s probably time to consider scheduling one.

When Was Your Company’s Last Electrical inspection?

Electrical circuits and wires deteriorate over time. Once they have worn down enough, these once useful tools can not only break, but also become incredibly dangerous.

According to the USFA, 7.9% of all nonresidential fires were due to electrical malfunction. These fires resulted in billions of dollars in damage and several deaths. Not that all electrical-caused fires can be prevented, but an inspection can go a long way to ensuring prevention.

While there are plenty of things you can do to help maintain a safe electrical system on your property, which we spoke about in a previous blog, there is nothing that can keep your property safer than a proper inspection.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, regular inspections are proven to lower the risk of fire and accidental shocks caused by improperly selected, applied or installed electrical products.

Inspections Can Also Save You Money

Every property has an energy asset score, which allows property managers to analyze a property’s overall energy efficiency.

Upon inspection, a licensed electrician can compile a list of energy efficient upgrades that can lower your monthly bill, and even suggest some upgrades that come with tax incentives. As a matter of fact, EnergyStar has actually reported some upgrades, like solar energy panels, can result in a 30% of cost tax credit.

Who Should Do My Electrical Inspections?

While some electrical services will inspect everything on a property, getting your electrical systems checked by a licensed electrician is still a must.

However, not every electrician is right for every type of inspection. Start by doing your homework, such as Googling reviews or asking friends. Then, make sure the electrician is licensed, experienced with your type of property, and has proper insurance.

At Shockley, we have been helping commercial property managers with their electrical needs since 2005. If you’re looking for a licensed, insured, and experienced electrician for your next inspection, contact us at Shockley to speak with an expert today!