The holidays are officially behind us, and the new year continues to unfold. With early nights and weeks of cold weather ahead, it can be easy to leave up those pretty Christmas lights for as long as possible. But just when should your Christmas lights come down? We’ve got the answer for you. 

Ultimately, your house is your house. You get to decide how long your holiday lights stay up and well lit. In fact, if you wanted to keep them up all year, that would be your choice as a homeowner. But not everyone would be satisfied with a year-long Christmas display. In fact, according to social etiquette, there’s a specific date your lights must come down. Use the following rules to be a good neighbor during the holiday season. 

Put up lights after Thanksgiving. 

We know the holidays are an exciting time of year, but putting lights up before Thanksgiving can interfere with your neighbors celebrations. 

Consider floorplans (yours and theirs). 

Will your light display shine into your neighbor’s bedroom window? How about their living room? Take this little details into consideration when designing your light show to avoid uncomfortable conversations during the holiday season. Also, be sure to never block your neighbor’s visibility from their driveway. Always keep safety, both driving and electrical, top of mind. 

Take down lights by January 6th. 

Lights can come down any time after Christmas Day, but to effectively follow good neighbor etiquette, take them down by January 6th. 

Have a conversation with your neighbors. 

Want to keep your lights up all year round? Talk to your neighbors about it. You might be able to come to an amicable solution and compromise that keeps everyone happy. 

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