The electrical panel is one of the most important and utilized parts of your home. It flows energy to every appliance, every lightbulb, every device and essentially keeps your home running the way you need it to. It brings comfort and convenience that we’ve come to expect from our homes. But like all technology, electrical panels can become overused and outdated, making them less effective and more dangerous. At some point, you will be faced with this question: When should I update my electrical panel? 

We have a few tips to help you navigate this quandary, but remember that you can always turn to your trusted local electrician to help you answer these and other electrical questions. 

Your home is older. 

There are advancements being made in all areas of technology every year. That includes electrical panels and the appliances and devices they service. Older electrical panels may not be able to support your modern electrical needs. Discuss with your electrician if your electrical panel is out of date and in need of an update. 

You just got new appliances. 

This issue lends itself to the one above. New, modern appliances might overload your older electrical panel, leading to more shorts in your system. This can occur even more if you don’t have your appliances on dedicated circuits.  If you have introduced new or more appliances to your home, check in to see how your panel is performing. 

You notice faulty wiring. 

Faulty wiring is one of the number one causes of house fires in the United States. And that risk only increases as your house ages. Older wiring might not meet new codes. If you notice flickering lights, a burning smell, discolored power outlets or a slight shock when touching appliances, contact your electrician immediately. It’s time to replace your panel. 

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