Once we pass the necessary inspections allowing us to move into our new home or commercial building, it’s easy to never give another thought to the health and wellness of the electrical systems in these buildings. That is, of course, unless something goes wrong! 

Although you may not have considered the need for electrical preventive maintenance, power reliability is vital for the functioning of every business and home. The electrical systems of our dwellings provide the framework for our daily lives, allowing us to live and work in comfortable, safe, and functional environments. 

To protect homes, buildings and people from the dangers of electrical fires, electrocution, and long-term damage to appliances, we recommend scheduling regular electrical preventive maintenance.

Why is preventive maintenance so important?

1. It protects the safety of families and workers

The scariest threat with electricity is the potential for electrical fires, which are most often caused by faulty wiring. The heat generated from wiring can cause the protective case to break down over time. Without this protective covering, wires make contact and create sparks that can lead to fires in your home or business.

2. It minimizes failures and interruptions

A disruption or failure in the electrical system at a home where people are working remotely or at a business can stop workflow and grind the overall operation to a halt. In addition, failed equipment can cause damage to other parts around it. 

3. It saves money

Preventive maintenance allows home and business owners to catch issues early –- before they turn into expensive repairs. Replacing electrical parts before they fail saves money by helping avoid costly and time-consuming interruptions in service. A properly functioning electrical system also can save money on energy bills, which adds up over time! 

4. It improves efficiency

When equipment is regularly maintained, it is more efficient, which helps ensure it works better for a longer lifespan. 

5. It minimizes unplanned outages

Having the power down for a period while electrical repairs are being done can be inconvenient and affects workflow. Scheduling regular maintenance allows for planned outages when it better suits your business time. 

4 signs of an electrical problem

While some electrical issues go unnoticed until the system fails and causes a problem, there are some warning signs you can look for that indicate something is going wrong.

  1. Constant tripping of switches
  2. Brown or discolored wall sockets
  3. An electrical shock when plugging in an appliance
  4. A light or appliance that regularly trips the system

Electrical preventive maintenance includes

There is a lot that goes into ensuring that the electrical systems of any home or building are well maintained. Here are some of the most common tips for effective maintenance.

  • Testing electrical currents and parts, such as circuit breakers, cables, buses, and chargers. HVAC wiring and outdoor lighting can also be tested.
  • Repairing faulty wiring and electrical elements like outlets to ensure your system runs smoothly
  • Replacing any electrical elements that cannot be fixed, pose a hazard or prevent devices and appliances from functioning properly
  • Regularly monitoring any potential issues to ensure they don’t cause a problem down the road

How can we help?

At Shockley Electric, we address important home safety issues such as power surges, faulty electrical wiring and potential fire hazards when we do electrical preventive maintenance in homes or commercial buildings. We are licensed, trained, and skilled in safety-proofing your home, and we are committed to the safety and well-being of our customers. 

If you are experiencing electrical problems in your home or aren’t sure if your home is protected from electrical hazards, schedule an in-home estimate or appointment with us today. Fill out our form or call us now for a free estimate!