Managing a commercial property is no easy task. Recruiting – and maintaining – the right tenants means that a property manager needs an arsenal of experts who are qualified to maintain the systems that help keep everyone’s business running smoothly.

Among the most important – and frequently called-upon – experts is a commercial electrician. While many electricians are online (or in the phone book, if you still have one of those), not every person with that designation is right for every job.

Before hiring or contracting with a commercial electrician, property managers should ask these questions:

  • Is the electrician Licensed?
    • At Shockley Electric, you can rest assured that every service will be performed by a licensed contractor. This ensures your commercial property’s electrical needs are handled by an individual who understands electrical codes and requirements, and must pass an exam to maintain his license.
  • How much experience does the electrician have?
    • Shockley Electric has been keeping lights on and circuits operating since 2005. They maintain the most up-to-date training and business practices, and have provided quality commercial electrical maintenance and repair services for more than 10 years.
  • What type of warranty does the electrician offer?
    • Shockley Electric is proud to offer a Lifetime Warranty on labor. We can guarantee that any work we perform for you and your tenants is done right the first time. If you ever experience a problem that is due to our installation or workmanship, we will make it right – for free!
  • How well does the electrician communicate with clients?
    • At Shockley Electric, we make sure there are no surprises. All of our estimates and service fees are provided to you – in writing, and we are always happy to answer any questions you may have. This is just one way to make sure that you and your tenants are getting the services you requested, and that you and your tenants are clear about the reason and costs of any ancillary services we recommend.
  • Does the electrician have a good reputation?
    • Our clients provide us with exceptional reviews about their experience with Shockley Electric’s technicians. We perform our work with minimal disruption to you and your tenants, so that they can conduct their business as usual.

The ideal commercial electrician is reliable, affordable, honest, and offers an unbeatable service guarantee. That’s why commercial property managers trust Shockley Electric to provide all their electrical needs.