Hiring an electrical contractor can be a daunting experience. The work is often dangerous, and you always want to be sure the person performing the work is qualified, skilled and experienced. We completely understand, and that’s why we are putting together the top 9 best questions to ask when hiring an electrical contractor. Let’s get started. 

Are you licensed? 

Anyone can tell you they are qualified, but you should require to see their license to ensure they are actually qualified for the work. Being licensed ensures the contractor is ready to get the job done as safely as possible with reliable work. 

Are you insured? 

Insurance is 100% necessary for any contractor or electrical work. If something goes wrong and someone or something is injured on the job, you want the peace of mind that it is covered with insurance. Require your contractor to show proof of insurance before starting the job. 

Do you have references? 

There’s nothing more powerful than word-of-mouth. Asking for contactable references from your contractor is a good way to ensure their work is up to standard and reliable. (Hear from ours!

How and who will perform this job? 

Will your contractor perform all of the work or will they hire a team? These questions are essential for you to understand pricing, safety and job premise. Also ask what tools they will be using and do your research to ensure they are utilizing the best of the best. 

Do you have an estimate for this job? 

It never hurts to ask for a rough estimate of the job. First do your research on fair and competitive pricing for your job in your area. Then call around. Get quotes from several electricians before settling on the best one for you. Also beware, the lowest price isn’t always the best. Look for a fair price that fits within your research. 

Do you charge by the hour? 

Be wary of electricians that charge by the hour for an established project. You could end up paying more than you budgeted for with open-ended jobs like this. Your best bet is to work with a contractor that charges a flat rate for the project. 

What are your service fees? 

Avoid those hidden fees by asking upfront if they have service fees, travel travel charges, overtime costs or any other surprise fees. 

What are your specialities? 

Specialities vary between electricians and companies. Some are better at residential jobs whereas others specialize in commercial work. (We do both!

Is your work under warranty? 

If your contractor’s work doesn’t hold up or if issues arise after they finish the job, do they guarantee their work or will fixing the mistake cost extra? It might be best to work with a contractor that is open to guarenting or warranting their work so you won’t end up paying double for one job. 

Have a project coming up? We’re here to help with licensed, insured electricians that specialize in your job. Contact us to learn more.