These days, you can do just about anything from your smartphone: video chat with a friend, shop for groceries, read a book, or navigate safely to your destination.

Increasingly, we are also using smart technology to control and monitor systems in our homes—from smart thermostats to wifi enabled lights. 

Here are just a few of the ways you can use smart technology in your home right now. Need help setting up a smart home device? Just reach out to Shockley Electric for help!  

Control your thermostat

Forget to turn down the heat before heading out of town? Want to make sure the temperature is just right when you arrive home?

With a smart thermostat, you can monitor and adjust your home’s temperature right from your smartphone or tablet. These devices can be controlled remotely and set to a schedule that automatically adjusts your home’s temperature when you want.

Provide entry and exit access

Gone are the days when you had to make an extra key copy for neighbors or run home to let a worker into your house. Smart entry systems allow you to lock and unlock doors no matter where you are. You can even grant access to others to get inside using their smart devices.

Turn on/off lights and fans

We’ve all been there. You’re in bed, under the covers, and you realize you forgot to turn off the basement light or the fan in the sunroom. Don’t move a muscle! 

With smart technology installed, you can adjust the status of all of your home’s lights and fans without ever leaving the bedroom. Sweet dreams! These devices can even be programmed with smart speakers, like Amazon Echo or Google Home, to turn off and on with a voice command.

Open blinds

Similar to turning on and off lights and fans, smart window treatments allow you to open and close or raise and lower window treatments from the palm of your hand. 

Monitor security cameras 

Smart doorbell camera systems like Nest and Ring allow you to see and communicate with a person at your door even if you are not home. Complete smart home camera systems let you monitor inside and outside your home 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world. 

Smart alarm and home security systems

Often used in conjunction with smart security cameras, a smart alarm system will alert you the moment it senses someone approaching your home. You’ll know right away if it’s a friend you were expecting or a potential intruder. 

If it happens to be the latter, you can alert the police or speak directly to the intruder using your smartphone. Sophisticated settings allow you to set loud alarm sirens to sound during times no one should  be approaching you home. Many systems offer third party monitoring for fast police dispatch. Some even detect leaks and fires.

Additionally, many parents use smart security systems to monitor the comings and goings of their kids with alerts you can receive when they arrive home. It’s just another piece of the puzzle in making your home a more connected and secure place.

Smart home technology provides convenience and peace of mind

The convenience and peace of mind smart home technology provides is second to none. Whether you have one of these smart home devices or all of the above, you’ll start to see their benefits in your everyday life.

Don’t let set-up or electrical concerns prevent you from upgrading. Shockley Electric can help!

Reach out to discuss the improvements you want to make today. We’re happy to be a part of making your home smarter.