Whether you manage commercial office or retail space – or both, when considering safety, comfort, and the long-term success of your clients or customers, lighting should be one of your key components.

A commercial space that is properly lit is inviting without feeling sterile, and the number and types of lights used can create an atmosphere that is functional and comfortable, as well as energy efficient.

  • How do lights affect my employees?

Studies reveal that light that is either too harsh or too dim negatively affects workplace productivity. Proper lighting in office spaces results in less eye strain, improved comfort, and a more positive work environment.

  • Does lighting affect the way customers shop?

The right combination of overhead and area lighting improves a customer’s shopping experience, and may even influence what and how much customers purchase. A 2010 Dutch study found that customers spent more time in spaces where “warm” lights are used, and accent lighting in lower shelves tends to increase sales, as well.

  • Can I save money by changing the way I light my space?

Too much light is not only a turn-off to customers, but it costs businesses a bundle in increased energy bills. Turn off lights in spaces that are not in use (such as the restroom or board room), add motion sensors that will turn on lights when an employee or customer enters that area. Always be sure to use the correct wattage of bulbs in each fixture.

  • How can lighting improve safety?

Properly lit entry spaces, stairwells, and hallways help employees and clients avoid trips, falls, and other problems associated with inadequate lighting.

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