In today’s world, making updates to our homes is something we all do. A new couch here, bold wallpaper or paint colors there, and even updated outdoor areas are a hit. But one element of home renovation that has become increasingly popular is in the electrical/cloud area. People are investing in making their homes “smarter,” and we have to say, we support it as long as it is done safely. Here are a few ways people are upgrading their homes.  

USB outlets

From smartphones to tablets and everything in between, we’ve become a society dependent on our devices, and that means the need to charge them easily and efficiently. Enter the USB outlet. Rather than carrying around a bulky charger from room to room, USB outlets allow you to easily pull in the lightweight cord and juice up your device without hassle. Plus, it’s a relatively easy and inexpensive upgrade to make.

Nest products

Smart homes aren’t really smart these days without being “connected.” Nest is a company that allows you to virtually connect everything from your front door lock to the thermostat to indoor and outdoor security cameras. They even create a product that detects smoke and carbon monoxide. And all of this is reported directly to your phone. These products allow you to do everything from turning down the heat to locking the door to peeking in on your pets, all while away from home sweet home.

Ring doorbells

Ever wonder who knocks on your door when you aren’t home? Or if that package that said it was delivered actually was (and magically disappeared by way of a thief)? There’s a solution for that. Ring doorbells combine smart home automation and home security in one adorable little package. These motion-detecting video doorbells allow you to check in on your home or even answer the door no matter where you are in the world. This modern upgrade gets an A+ in our books.  

Smart appliances

From refrigerators that create a grocery list to stoves that respond to voice command to smart speakers that do way more than play music, smart appliances are becoming a staple in American homes. In fact, they have automated many electrical features. For instance, Alexa can now turn your lights on and off or even switch colors. Creating a smart home with these appliances is a great way to modernize your space.

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