When it comes to energy, the last decade has been dominated by the term “Green Energy.” While that term usually inspires images of wind turbines and solar cells, it encompasses energy conservation and efficiency as well.

Financial Incentives for Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings

While you may or may not be in love with the politics, there is no arguing that the current political environment rewards those who strive to be more energy efficient, and Georgia is no different. As a matter of fact, Georgia Power (the largest power distributor in the state) offers rebates and incentives on everything from Energy Rated Commercial Dishwashers to Ceiling Insulation.

So how does one measure energy efficiency in commercial buildings? Well, first it’s important to know there are two different ways to calculate energy efficiency, and thus how much you stand to save.

Deemed Savings

The first, called “Deemed Savings,” is a simpler measure of energy efficiency. It involves multiplying efficiency measures taken by an estimated savings per measure. The estimated savings per measure is based on historical evaluations and can usually be completed on site by an inspector.

Measured Savings

The next approach, known as “Measured Savings,” evaluates more complex program strategies, as they usually result in more significant savings. According to the EPA, your measured savings are determined by:

Engineering Methods: 

Comparing baseline and post-installation energy systems using standard formulas and assumptions.

Statistical Analysis: 

Statistical “Before” and “After” models are created for differing scenarios. These scenarios factor in weather, occupancy, operating hours, and other energy use factors.

Computer Simulation: 

Computer models simulate and predict the change in energy use for comparison with real pre-measure performance data.

Metering and Monitoring: 

Baseline and post-implementation energy use are directly measured.

Integrative Methods: 

Some combination of the methods listed above are used.


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