If you have an electrical repair or project coming up, you have an important decision to make about who will complete the work. With rising costs, it can be tempting to save some money and cut some corners by doing it yourself or hiring a do-it-all handyman.

A ‘handyman’ might be able to do the job for you, or they might not. Even worse, they could cause potential fire hazards or more expensive electrical repairs down the road.

With most work in a project being covered behind walls, wire junction boxes, or hard-to-access places, it’s incredibly easy to hide dangerously unsuitable work from the property owner. Almost any household item, like tape or paper clips, can quickly be used to ‘fix’ a problem.

Not to mention, wires that carry high voltage can easily be cut, pinched, or exposed to a fire hazard. Again, you might not even ever know about the potential threat because it’s hidden.

Codes absolutely must be met or there’s a huge liability to your employees, customers, and personal property. If you decide to attempt electrical work by yourself or go with a repair handyman, you don’t necessarily have a guarantee that all the work will be safe and up to code.

*Disclaimer: It’s highly advised that you do not attempt any sort of electrical addition or repair on your own unless you have experience as an electrician.

Working with electrical wiring can be incredibly dangerous! We don’t emphasize that to scare you, but it’s the truth.

If you hire an unlicensed worker to save money, you are taking a huge risk. It’s very possible you could end up paying more in the end.

A handyman (or yourself) might have some electrical skill but not be recognized as a licensed contractor by the law. In Georgia, jobs costing less than $2,500 or nonstructural work with no subcontracts do not require a license. That means hiring any handyman for a job more than $2,500 is illegal.

Shockley Electric is a fully licensed and insured residential and commercial contractor in the State of Georgia. We also offer a lifetime warranty on our labor and 3 years for parts. Any unlicensed handyman can’t offer you this protection.

Since 2005, we have been serving business owners with their electrical needs. If you’re looking for an experienced electrician for your next inspection, contact us at Shockley or call (770) 630-6858 to speak with an expert today!