Although Do-It-Yourself is a popular concept, when it comes to managing a commercial property, DIY can be more costly and time-consuming than calling a professional as soon as problems arise.

Property managers who partner with a commercial electrician before there is a problem will find they save more time, money – and stress than their peers who attempt even small repairs on their own, or who wait until a problem arises to contact a professional.

Here’s why:

• Relationship
A professional electrician knows and understands the benefits – both to himself and to the property manager – of establishing a contractor-client relationship. Property managers with an electrician partner are more likely to call early, before the problem has a chance to grow into a bigger (and more costly) project.

• Education

Your commercial electrician will educate you about features that you might not even think to ask, such as choosing the best power surge cables, which light bulbs will last longest and be the most energy (and cost) efficient, how to re-set programmed electronic devices after a power outage, etc.

• Reliability & Efficiency

Your dedicated commercial electrician knows your business, your tenants, and the layout of your property, and they keep records about work that has been done in the past. They can diagnose and repair problems more quickly than a one-time technician.

• Peace of Mind

When you call Shockley Electric, you get an experienced, licensed, bonded, and insured professional who offers a lifetime guarantee on service. Fewer “repeat repairs” saves you money in the long run.

At Shockley Electric, we take the time to build relationships with our commercial property management clients, educate them on their systems as well as our practices, and we are reliable and affordable – with a lifetime