Homeowners and business owners alike know the value of a skilled electrician. You want to know you’re in good hands with a skilled professional that will charge a fair price. Therefore, it’s essential to spend some time to find the best Marietta electrician for your home or property.


4 Questions To Qualify Your Candidates

Hiring a reliable and qualified electrician doesn’t need to be as complicated as your electrical system. We’ve simplified the process with a four step process to help you find the best electrician.

Following this checklist is necessary for anyone looking to hire the best Marietta electrician. Your decision can affect the value of your home or business.


1. Are they experienced?

Whether you want major or minor electrical work done, you will want to choose an electrician who knows the business. Trust your electrical needs with electricians who have at least a decade of experience. This way, you can be confident they will be able to handle a variety of electrical issues.


2. Are they licensed?

All electrical work in the state of Georgia requires a license. Restricted electrical contractors are limited to single-phase installations while unrestricted electrical contractors are not limited to the size or amount of work they are allowed to complete. Licensed contractors are required to take exams and train to become qualified professionals. Don’t risk hiring an unlicensed, inexperienced electrician for a cheaper price. It will cost you in the end.


3. Are they endorsed by past clients?

Seek out feedback, reviews and recommendations to determine their quality of work. Positive reviews from past clients are helpful indicators to the type of service you would receive. Go one step further: Request the electrician provide you with any references or previous projects.


4. Are they worth the price?

While you might not have to look far and wide for a Marietta electrician, finding one who will do the job for you at a price you are comfortable with is a challenge. Remember: Don’t depend on a cheaper electrician and sacrifice the quality of the work.


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