If you want to succeed in business, you have to keep the lights on, the doors unlocked, and the interior spaces at a comfortable temperature, during all of your company’s advertised hours of operation – whether or not you have clients or customers Energy Efficiency Tips for Commercial Properties in the building.

Energy costs peak during summer, when air conditioners run constantly, and in winter, when the heat (and those pesky portable space heaters) account for a large portion of the budget.

Fortunately, your Dedicated Commercial Electrician at Shockley Electric has some great tips to help you maximize comfort and minimize costs this winter:


While you may have energy-efficient windows and great insulation in the walls, energy can escape through electric outlets and other “sneaky” spaces, such as around water pipes – even your HVAC system. (Did you know you decrease efficiency if you have an old or dirty air filter?)


If your building is only open during business hours, there is no reason to have the heat or air conditioner running when the offices are closed overnight or on the weekends. Programmable thermostats are popular features in homes, but they can also help save energy (and costs!) in offices and other commercial spaces.


Host a tenant meeting, send an email, create a poster, distribute a tenant newsletter with guidelines regarding turning off lights, radios, printers, and other fixtures when the offices are closed overnight or on the weekends. Remember that space heaters are huge energy suckers, so use them sparingly (if at all).

Saving money and maintaining a comfortable workplace are two of the keys to keeping your tenants happy. If you have any questions or concerns about repair and maintenance of your building’s electrical systems, call Shockley Electric, your reliable, professional electrician, offering our Lifetime Service Warranty.