At the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, a large number of workers who were able to do so began working remotely from home offices. Although many have returned to their corporate offices at least part-time, remote work has become commonplace, and it appears here to stay. While home offices may have been set up on the fly in 2020, it’s smart to review your current office set-up from an electrical perspective.

  1. Identify electrical outlets and determine if upgrades are needed.

If you live in an older house, your electrical outlets may require upgrades to support your electronic devices, such as laptops, monitors and printers. Older electrical systems may need GFCI and AFCI upgrades to prevent electrical shocks and fires. 

2. Ensure you have enough outlets to accommodate your devices.

Be sure you have enough power points to meet all the needs of your home office equipment. Verify how many watts of power each device needs and their compatibility with each other before designing the optimal office configuration. Your wireless internet connection and placement are also crucial!

3. Install energy-efficient surge protection. 

To protect your sensitive electronics from power surges, investigate and install appropriate surge protection. Power outages can result from extreme weather conditions, including wind and lightning. Surge protectors include plug-in power strips and whole-home surge protectors installed inside the home’s main breaker box. Check out our article 10 Basic Electrical Troubleshooting Tips for Your Home to learn how to address electrical problems at home.

4. Consider installing new energy-efficient lighting.

Proper lighting is important to a home office environment and replacing outdated light fixtures with modern LED lights saves energy costs as well as minimizing your carbon footprint.

How Can We Help?

At Shockley Electric, we address important home safety issues such as power surges, faulty electrical wiring and potential fire hazards when we do electrical preventive maintenance in homes or commercial buildings. We are licensed, trained, and skilled in safety-proofing your home, and we are committed to the safety and well-being of our customers. 

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