When it’s time for electrical panel replacement in Marietta GA, call Shockley. Let Shockley Electric, Marietta’s Best Electrician, replace your old and damaged electrical panel for the safety of your home or business!

For electrical panel replacement Marietta GA calls Shockley Electric.


Why Electrical Panel Upgrades Are Important

You might know the panel by another name, such as circuit breaker or fuse box. No matter what you call it, the system function remains the same—distributing power throughout your home. Just like the central nervous system connects information throughout your body, electrical panels do the same with all the electricity in your home.

Whether your home is aging or relatively new, your electrical panel was designed to handle only so much. Modern homes depend on high-functioning electrical panels on a day-to-day basis. With all of the electical demands of today’s appliances, heavy use can often result in a maxed out panel. Have your electrical system inspected to eliminate any concerns for the safety of your home.


Should I Consider Electrical Panel Replacement in Marietta?

Not sure you need to upgrade your electrical panel? Call Shockley. Trust Shockley Electric to maintain your electrical system, and ultimately, the safety of your home. Call (770) 630-6858 today to schedule a free consultation.


Call Shockley for Electrical Panel Upgrades

Call Shockley for electrical panel replacement in Marietta GA.When dealing with electricity, remember it is always important to contact a professional. At Shockley Electric, our highly trained and licensed electricians work to assure your home is hazard free, and meet all your electrical needs. With over a decade of experience, we take great pride in being the electrician Marietta calls first.


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