Success in commercial property management can be defined as allowing your tenants to conduct their business without concerns about whether the lights will work or the temperature is comfortable.

Having a dedicated commercial electrician means you don’t have to scramble to find someone when problems arise, and you’ll always have a knowledgeable professional at your beck and call if you have questions about anything that might affect your electrical systems.

Your electrician is your best asset for three reasons:

We address problems early.

Because your electrician has already inspected the space and performed necessary repairs or upgrades before your tenant moved in, chances are that any issues can be easily addressed with just a tweak. To be safe, we’ll check the wiring and fuse box, make sure wires are still safe, and educate you and your tenant about how to maximize safety and efficiency with proper surge protectors, etc. If there are problems, we’ll address them early to reduce risks and ensure your tenant’s business continues with little or no interruption.

We show up when you need us.

If you choose a random electrician out of the phone book (or Internet search) when you have a question or concern, you may find yourself playing a waiting game for an appointment. Not so with your dedicated commercial electrician, who is as invested in the proper repair and maintenance of your commercial property as you and your tenants.

We can recommend improvements.

If you want to save money and improve efficiency in your commercial space, your dedicated electrician can provide suggestions and solutions to help you and your tenants reach your goals. And because we offer a Lifetime Guarantee on all service, you know the job will be done right the first time!

A comfortable, efficient workspace is essential to a successful business. At Shockley Electric, our business is to meet the needs of our commercial property managers and their tenants so they can focus.