Businesses today are powered by modern technology – but most operate at a low-efficiency rate because of outdated electrical wiring.

In fact, many companies go through complete building renovations without even thinking about upgrading to a new electrical panel. But old wiring can cause problems for your business, with electrical service conductors overheating and frequent, inconvenient power trips.

A properly functioning electrical panel is essential if you want to improve the productivity and ensure the safety of your business.

What is a Commercial Electrical Panel?

The commercial electrical panel provides electricity to your business’s equipment, from computers to copiers. Think of the electrical panel as the brain, controlling the flow of various electrical systems.

Locate Your Electrical Panel
To identify your electrical panel, start by searching for a painted or gray metal box. All electrical panels must be located in areas that are easily accessible and out of the way to stay within the National Fire Protection Association and Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s safety requirements. If you have a hard time locating your panel, look outside. Outdoor panels are a convenient way to avoid violating any requirements.

Signs You Need an Upgrade
If your business has experienced any of the following, it might be time for a new commercial electrical panel:

  • Circuit breakers that frequently trip or fuses that consistently blow
  • Cracking sounds coming from the panel
  • Flickering lights
  • Burned electrical wires
  • Melted or smoking outlets
  • The need to turn off one appliance to use another
  • Defective breakers that fail to trip and result in shocks, overheating, or fire

Your business’s productivity gets stuck when you’re not able to operate at full power. Ignoring these signs can create a further risk to the safety of your customers, employees, and property as outdated wiring can result in a commercial fire or electrical shock.

Your Commercial Electrical Panel Upgrade

The complicated installation and maintenance of your new electrical panel should only be performed by a licensed professional. Make sure the right size service panel is installed to meet your business needs. Commercial panel upgrades aren’t just convenient and cost-effective – they’re also crucial to maintaining the safety and efficiency of your business.

At Shockley Electric, our team of highly trained and licensed electricians works to meet all your electrical needs safely. If you’d like to learn more about protecting your employees and Atlanta property by preventing electrical emergencies, call (770) 630-6858 or contact us online today to schedule a free consultation and ask about our commercial electrical panel upgrades.