Backup generators. They are things you hardly ever think about… until New Orleans Saints backup quarterback Luke McCown gets on TV for his Version commercials… or when your power is out.

While power outages are usually short lived, in the past decade, several storms have caused sweeping, prolonged power outages across the country. Two of these were in Atlanta!

When Snowmaggedon hit the Atlanta Metro area, 8 million people collectively lost their marbles, in one of the strangest few days in the history of this city.

Then two years later, it happened again! During this time, several homes and families were without heat, and forced to improvise with blankets, extra cloths, and fire. And many people were trapped at the office or on the highway.

So should you get a backup generator?

  • Price – Smaller, essential systems (heat, maybe one room) can put you back a solid 5k. The more robust, whole home, systems can fetch as much as 20k.
  • Are there small children or elderly people living with you – Small children and the elderly are for more susceptible to the cold than adolescents and adults. That’s why we go out of our way every day to make sure they are taken care of. While a few hours might not make a big difference, a few days will.
  • Do you have a fireplace – In a pinch, a fireplace can keep a home warm for as long as you have fuel. Wood is the obvious choice, but propane and natural gas fireplaces can also do the job, and are much safer. Just make sure you cover up the gaps on doors and windows. These gaps will actually keep your fire place from being effective in the event you need it to heat your whole home!
  • Do you already own a generator – This is college football country, so many of you are bound to already have a generator for your tailgate weekends. Depending on the size and power output of your unit, you might be better off hording fuel a day or two before a big storm is expected to hit. *note – You can set a small generator to power selected devices or even a room by plugging it into the wall. However, always speak with a licensed electrician before attempting this, you can always ask for an emergency switch to be installed.
  • Urban or Rural – depending on how far you are from the nearest city, your wait for power could range from a few minutes several hours. If your property is a long way from help, a generator should always be AT LEAST a consideration!

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