We’ve all been there: a prospective tenant is comparing your lease with that of a competitor. Both locations are good, both provide ample parking for employees and customers or clients, and the lease terms are equally appealing.

The tie-breaker is not in the big things that cannot be changed, but in those little things that give your tenants peace of mind up-front, as well as ensuring that their spaces will serve their needs long-term.

The VALUE of your property over a competitor’s comes from your being able to understand your client’s current needs, as well as being able to anticipate future needs while eliminating (or at least minimizing) problems, stress, or factors that could negatively affect their ability to operate their business.

How well does your space WORK for your tenant?

The decision is based on Location, Accessibility, Square Footage, even the number, placement, and effectiveness of lights, electrical outlets, switches, and more.

Does your space make FINANCIAL sense?

When someone leases your commercial space, they need to know what their up-front costs will be, as well as what is covered over the life of their lease, such as utilities, security, etc.

How well do you ANTICIPATE your tenant’s needs?

Does your tenant need to bring their own service providers, or do you have a list of competent, reliable professionals to handle everything from preparing the space for move-in, performing routine maintenance during their lease period, and providing fast, efficient service when problems arise?

When interviewing potential new tenants, ask them what happens in their current location if the lights go out, then let them know that you have the reliable, professional, GUARANTEED service of Shockley Electric at your fingertips, to ensure your business – and that of your tenants – is never left in the dark!