As a homeowner, you probably don’t spend very much time thinking about your electrical panel. But it plays an extremely important role in your everyday life. Every time you flick on the lights, charge your phone, watch TV or open the fridge, it’s there keeping your days running smoothly… until it can’t anymore. 

There are several reasons to consider upgrading or changing your electrical panel. We’ve detailed a few below. 

1. Not Enough Power 

One of the main reasons for upgrading your electrical panel is that it doesn’t provide enough power to all of your appliances and gadgets. With constant changes in modern technology, homes now require more energy than ever to function properly. 

If they do not have enough energy, it could result in lights flickering or breakers routinely blowing or even sparks when plugging in appliances. Ultimately that means upgrading your panel to keep up with changing times and technology.

2. Older Home

If your home is older than 1960 and has never had a panel upgrade or if your home is reaching its 20th anniversary, it’s time to look into replacing the electrical panel. More than likely, your pre-1960s home is using an old-school fuse box to power your home. 

As mentioned above, technology is constantly changing and evolving, requiring more power than ever before. Upgrade your fuse box to a new circuit breaker to keep your appliances, home and family as safe as possible. Or simply upgrade your panel to match your current electrical needs. 

3. New Additions 

Have you recently remodeled your home? Or simply added several additional appliances and gadgets? These new additions can mean a lot when it comes to your electrical panel. 

Several new additions can result in an overload for your electrical system. It’s best to upgrade your system to match the new demands before you start experiencing the symptoms of an overloaded system. 

4. Warm Panels 

Does your panel often feel warm to the touch? This is a red flag for an overheated, overworked panel. It can also mean you have frayed or damaged wires behind the panel. 

This is very dangerous and could result in an electrical fire. Contact your local electrician immediately if this is the case. 

5. Extensive Use of Extension Cords 

Let’s be honest. How many extension cords and power strips do you have in your home? If they are plugged into most of your home outlets, it’s time for an upgrade. Power strips demand more energy than one outlet was designed to provide. 

While one or two won’t do any harm, several throughout the home can overload your electrical system. If your home doesn’t have enough outlets for your current needs, it’s time to install new ones.

6. Wiring for the Future

Even if there isn’t an issue to be repaired, technology is constantly changing. We are always adding new gadgets and appliances to our list of necessary items. 

Just think: in the 1980s, we had one phone, not one phone (or more) per person. Wiring for the future is a great way to stay ahead of the game.

Ready to look into your electrical panel? We’re here to help! Contact us to have a licensed electrician help you assess your home’s needs.