Chances are you’ve never considered the wiring in your building. Because it’s hidden, outdated electrical and wiring typically can cause fires in older commercial buildings.

With that in mind, here are some of the potential dangers of having older electrical systems in your building:

Risk #1: Poorly Revised Wiring

In older structures, it’s normal for wiring to have been tinkered with multiple times. Any number of handymen with no electrical training may have tampered with the electrical system over the years. This could mean that there are loose, live wires and poorly executed connections lurking behind the walls of your commercial building.

Risk #2: Knob and Tube Wiring

According to insurance companies, “knob and tube” wiring is one of the leading causes of electrical fires in older buildings. The issue arises when the wiring is altered, chewed, or otherwise distorted.

Risk #3: Old Wiring Insulation

Insulation on older wiring is generally less than ideal. Over the years, the insulation may have been chewed, damaged, or simply disintegrated. This leaves the wire at the core of your wiring exposed, and that can lead to sparks and fire.

Risk #4: Faulty Breakers

Wiring isn’t the only fire risk in older buildings. If your commercial electrical panel hasn’t been upgraded lately, it’s possible that the breakers that make up the circuits might be faulty. If they’re not working properly, your electrical system won’t do what it is designed to do, and it could be flat-out dangerous.

The truth is, your building doesn’t necessarily need to be very old to have outdated or dangerous electrical work. If you’re not sure, the best solution is to have an experienced commercial electric company take a look, and ensure there aren’t any major fire risks.

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