While payment of utilities usually falls under the responsibility of the tenant, keeping a property’s utilities efficient aids both the tenant and landlord alike.

Tenants pay less each month for utilities, and landlords improved the overall quality and value of their property. So what things can you do to help improve efficiency in your property?

  • Stop any exterior air leaks. Might now seem like a lot, but a $10 door/window insulator can go a long way in improving home efficiency. While doors and windows only make up about 5 – 10% of a properties surface area, they can be responsible for nearly 30% of heat loss.
  • High Efficiency Windows. Window tech has taken quite a leap forward since the days or single vs dual pane. Low Emissivity Windows are windows covered with a thin plastic film designed to keep 30 – 50% more head from escaping. Some newer windows even utilize Argon Gas into the area between panes, as the gas insulates better than air.
  • Change the furnace filter. As time progresses, a filter will gather more and more material. The more gunk caught by the filter, the harder it is for the heater to move air though a property. According to the department of Energy, changing the filter once every 3-6 months can save you or your tenant 5 – 15% on utilities.
  • This should be a given, but proper insulation is the number one factor in energy efficiency. Roof insulation is the easiest to check. If the insulation is not higher than the floor joists, add more.

Not sure if your property is being as efficient as possible? Our certified experts at Shockley have years of experience and know how to help make your property as efficient as possible.